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Qualify for a webthrower.com Spider Award!

The purpose of webthrower.com award program is to recognize the outstanding achievements of individual designers that continue to help mold the Internet experience for others to enjoy. I know how much hard work it is to put up a site. Long hours of editing and deleting and a lot of changing to get it exactly the way you want it. It's nice to have your site recognized for your hard work. If your site is chosen to be a winner you will have a link on our winners page to your site (this will increase traffic to you and increase your odds of getting on some major search engines). You may be chosen as "Platinum Winner". If your site qualifies for this... in addition to a link to your site you will also have a screen shot of your home page.

Criteria (please read)
Upon receiving your application for an award, your site will be thoroughly reviewed.

* Platinum - 100+ Points | * Gold - 99-90 Points
* Silver - 89-80 Points | * Bronze - 79-70 Points

Each site
must be PC/Mac compatible and will be carefully evaluated and scored using the following criteria.

* Effectiveness, Purpose & Consistency (10pts)
* Functionality & Load Time (10pts)
* Design (40pts)
Design is most important in our judging.
* Content (20pts)
* Originality (10pts)
* Scripting (10pts)

Sites with an overwhelming amount of ad pop-ups will not be considered.

Note: *When applying for our award, you might not necessarily win the "Platinum or Gold Award" for your submission. Unfortunately, only a small number of our applicants will eventually walk away with the Gold, only two have received the Platinum thus far, as we only reward those who excelled in all fields of our criteria and then some. Your submission might qualify for a "Silver" or "Bronze" Award. There is a possibility that your URL submission might not qualify for an award at this time. Every URL that is submitted to us does not get an award. Your site will be carefully evaluated and winners will be notified with your status. Privacy Policy

Design Gold

Gold Award

Design Gold

Winners will have the choice to
choose between many different
award formats out of the
category they win.

To view Award Graphics click
on the categories below.

Platinum   Silver   Bronze

<< Gold is shown to the left & below.

Gold Banner

Please complete the form below or e-mail the required information below titled "AWARD" to:

Your Name:

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webthrower.com strives to be COPPA compliant, and our policy is not to accept without written parental / guardian consent applications from children aged under 18 years even though COPPA has a limit of 13 years. Are you aged at least 18 yrs? We must ask that you please confirm your age.- Thank you.



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