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* All information received via e-mail or forms will be deemed private and will never reach any other person outside webthrower.com.

* webthrower.com never has and never will share your information with any third party company.

AWARD Postings:

* When submitting your web site for an award you are giving webthrower.com permission to post a link to your web site on our winners page. The only information that may be posted with an award winning site is the name, URL, maybe a screen shot of the winning site, information about the applicant's site, and possibly the designers/webmaster's name if they win an award. We will not use this information for anything else.

* If you for some reason choose not to be listed anymore in our database, please send an e-mail letting webthrower.com know. All your information will then be deleted from our database and your information will not be found on this site any longer.

*Sites posted with Awards given to webthrower.com have given their approval to post an award image supplied by them and a link to their site.

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